Translation of avalanche resourses

I found, that a lot of russian translations at are incorrect and several translations are absolutely wrong. Some of the buttons are too small for the russian phrases. There are also mistakes in website and only 2 of the 9 articles translated in
I tried to find any information about how I can contribute to the russian version of the platforms, but haven’t found anything. I wanted to join discord server, but get banned instantly (maybe because of my nickname).

So, my question is: can I contribute to the russian translation in any way? I have 8 months of experience, translating the ethereum org website into russian and belarussian.


Let me try to find an appropriate team member we can direct this to.

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Also, if you can share your user name we can take a look at the Discord also.

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unofficialbgd is my username on discord

I can get you unbanned, but the naming limit the word “official” for scammer reasons.
If you can change that before joining back you should be fine.

After joining the server, I will be able to change my name back to “unofficialbgd”?

No, the bot will ban you if you do. It’s on the banned list of usernames as people use it to spoof official accounts. You can also use Nitro to set a different name for the Avalanche server while retaining the same one for other servers.

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Ok, I just created a new discord account for this server

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