Staked AVAX cannot unstake as says C chain balance zero?

I have 194 avax staking on C chain, I added another 10 AVAX but cant add it to the stake as its below 25 avax? Also how do i unstake my 194 AVAX so i can readd with 204? Whenever I try move between X and C and P chain it only shows my max as 10 AVAX and i cannot withdraw my 194 AVAX from staking?

I have 194 on C chain but when i try transfer it to de-stake so I can add another 10 AVAX it says balance 0 on C chain, how do i unstake? because at this rate i wont ever be able to withdraw my 194 staked AVAX

Staking/delegating occurs on the P-chain.
You can NOT remove staked AVAX until the time you set expires.

You can either delegate the other AVAX to another node (or the same node if there is space).
Another alternative is that you can do liquid staking on dApps like Trader Joe or Benqi for example. These examples are liquid staking which allow you to add/remove avax as you deem fit.