Release of USP (Platypus USD) Yellow Paper!

One of the most crucial moments in the evolution of Platypus: The Release of USP

Our very own stablecoin, an innovative design addressing the most glaring issues in the space. Below, check out what it is, why we’re launching it & what it means to you! :thread:

In the last few months, some prominent stablecoins have lost their peg and caused a series of fatal incidents.

To maintain the price of a stablecoin, collateral and pegging mechanism is essential AND that’s exactly what the strength of USP is with the Adaptive Peg Stabilizer.

We found a way to greatly improve capital efficiency. We also utilized the stableswap algorithm as a mechanism for maintaining peg. We’re structured to be a protocol that can combine stableswap and stablecoin.

How??? Check out our yellow paper now :fire::fire::fire:


Nice addition to Platypus and the Avalanche ecosystem in general, can’t wait for it to be released !

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Is there any help from team Platypus to bring other teams to use USP?

Yes! We are discussing with different protocols to increase the USP adoption on avalanche.
Feel free to contract us for collaboration :grinning:.

Congrats on the release! :zap:

This looks really nice to be honest