Passive income from your Avalanche (AVAX). Staking

Hello all.

Satking Avalanche (AXAX) up to 12% APR.

I want to tell you about passive income from your cryptocurrency.

I represent the XBANKING project (

You can earn a great passive on your cryptocurrency staking, up to 25% APR/year.

XBANKING is a non-custodial staking & liquid pools provider. It supports staking of 70+ cryptocurrencies on 23 networks.

Have you been HODLing cryptocurrencies and wondering how to benefit from them beyond capital gains or selling them? If so, you might be interested in staking, which is a way of earning income with your crypto holdings. It involves putting your assets to work to generate yield instead of leaving them idle in your wallet.

The tokens are locked online and no one has access to them but you. Learn more:

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