Need to know why i can't see my staked avax in the "earn" window

The team is currently migrating APIs. Your staking and delegations are safe but the API that pulls that information into the UI is being changed.

Hi, how long before this issue is resolved and I can see my rewards generating?

I have not seen any specific ETA yet on completion.

In the meantime you can use to view the time remaining.

Hey dub, I think I’ve been scammed ( for the first time, and I should have known better). Can i get your advice?

Unfortunately, if you were scammed, we cannot retrieve tokens. Only the owner of the wallet that has the tokens can. The main thing we can emphasize is to not enter/share your phrase, connect wallets to unknown sites, and look at using a Ledger.

I’ve just lost well over 30 thousand dollars. After trying to deal with a small issue on avax.

Please help me

This is the scammer: Profile - BenDev - Avalanche Forum: Join the Conversation

Is there anything you can do to find out who this is or ban them?

OK Ive lost a lot, the avalanche wallet i believe is compromised. I was asking for help to view my rewards.
how do i know when my avax unstakes? also can I stop it from being moved out?

If someone has access to your wallet phrase, then when the avax is done staking you’d have to get to it before they do and move it somewhere secure.

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate situation.

Not as much as I am. Is there a way to beat them to it?

You can check when it unstakes and try to beat them manually or maybe have some kind of script/bot that might get it before them. I’m not sure if there are other tools around.