Once Upon a Star (Movie)

“Once Upon a Star” is my second film as a film director. It is a 90-minute drama film where we meet our main character, Jonathan, who is a frustrated film actor because he is increasingly deemed too old for the roles offered to him.

Within the story, Jonathan’s girlfriend, Rebecca, uses Avalanche’s blockchain to create hybrid NFTs, restores furniture, turns them into pieces of art, and sells them through a marketplace. On the other hand, Jonathan attends therapy sessions where he pays with Bitcoin or Avax. We incorporate crypto technology into the characters’ everyday lives.

The film was shot in Los Angeles, California, and is entirely in English. It is intended for audiences in the United States and Latin America. We used Avax to fund the film, and the initial capital was obtained thanks to the Avalanche community in Latin America, directly through Ricardo Oruka, who guided us through the process. Gradually, we were able to advance in the production of our film by sending Avax from Mexico City to Los Angeles, where our co-producer covered the expenses needed to start the film.

The film is nearly completed, and we are seeking funds to finish paying the final participants in post-production.

“Once Upon a Star” is planned to be released in September 2024 at major film festivals, followed by distribution on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc., in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America.

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