Avax Wallet Empty

Hi all. New to all of this, so I apologize if this is the incorrect location?

My avax web wallet is emtpy when I login but there was Avax confirmed as deposited in July from Binance via x-chain. It was all received and confirmed present in the wallet at that time. I have not touched the wallet until logging in yesterday and the balance is zero.

I can view the transactions on chain, but am confused as x chain generates a new address each time.

When you log in, can you pull some of the transaction IDs so we can take a look? If it shows on chain your funds are safe. May just be a UI issue or user issue, but lets work to figure that out.

Thanks, I have the tx ids from Binance is that what you need? My wallet now shows no transaction history even though the AVAX was there in July. I have only 1 avax wallet and was only used to transfer the AVAX from Binance, which I confirmed was there back then prior to exiting the wallet.

The help on the main AVAX page resolved this for me. It was on my ledger but only visible throught the web wallet due to AVAX not having a native ledger interface.

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Help! My wallet is empty too.

Went to my AVAX wallet in Firefox to re-stake my coins and discovered they are gone. I had about 7 on the X-Chain and was staking 100 coins. It looks like the 100 coins were sent back to my X-Chain but for some reason the total amount got transferred out. I didn’t transfer them. I can see them on the blockchain.

When I accessed my wallet today a message popped up that it was accessing a new network. I also had to log in with my Keystore file.

Is this a network problem or have I lost my coins? I appreciate any help you can provide.

Sounds like your hardware may be compromised. If you didn’t make the transaction to move the funds, but it was moved, that means your hardware or phrase was compromised at some point.

If you can provide the tx ID we can take a look but it sounds like this is the case.