Ledger to Avalanche wallet connection question


I’m new here, got a question. I’ve been accumulating AVAX for a while and now ready to transfer it to my Ledger and stake.

I’ve looked up a lot of guides from both AVAX and Ledger and also YouTube, it is rather simple but there’s one thing, maybe someone can explain it to me.

When I opened the Avalanche wallet, clicked “access wallet”, then chosen Ledger, it just connected itself. Now, some guides (including from Ledger) says need to create a new Avalanche wallet itself, with it’s own seed phrase. In my case, that wasn’t needed, the web wallet looks like just an interface between the Ledger and Internet.

Also, some manuals says one need to confirm public keys twice during this setup. I actually didn’t have to confirm anything, it all went automatically.

So, I’m not sure is everything ok? Can’t sleep well lol. Maybe it is supposed to work like that with the new version of AVAX app? Or what’s going on?

Big thanks!

Based on the latest updates, Ledger connects automatically to wallet.avax.network once you select that option. Since you are using the Ledger, the wallet pulls the derived addresses from it, so there is no need to start a “new” wallet if you connect with your Ledger.

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Thank you! Good to know.

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