HELP ! Missing coins after Binance->Ledger

today i had made a BIG mistake…
I tried to transport my AVAX-Coins from Binance to my ledger Nano X.
So i installed the AVALANCHE (Polygon) App on my Ledger. I thought that this is the right one.
I have generated an Adress to get the Coins to ledger. In Binance i transported the Coins to this adress
from Ledger AVALANCHE-Polygon-adress.
The Transactioncode is here:
Die Transaktion ist folgende: Address 0xe101c194a6647c5ee7a553304069e42e2011896e | SnowTrace

Ledger did NOT receive the coins.
Has anyone an idea how i can get the Coins ??
Thanks very much !!

Best regards


Hi, again
black Sunday yesterday, a scammer contacted me, where can i report the details ?
Thanks a lot and best regards

It looks like you exported the funds from Binance to 0xe101c194a6647c5ee7a553304069e42e2011896e
As shown here.

Then later on you moved the same funds from 0xe101c194a6647c5ee7a553304069e42e2011896e to 0xd590484af5e32976d1119ffff306d98b321621c9

So they are no longer in that wallet.

You would have been able to see those funds in 0xe101c194a6647c5ee7a553304069e42e2011896e if you had the Avalanche app installed instead of the polygon app installed as the wallet on Polygon and AValanche use the same address, so it’s just a simple matter of using the appropriate app on Ledger. But looks like you moved the funds out of that wallet.

Also if you can share a screenshot of the scammer message and their user name we can ban them.

Hi thank you very much,
I had a really bad day yesterday, believe me or not, i was so STUPID an give my 24 seed to an website after he asked me for that.
i was really an IDIOT!!
They take 4 different Coins…
But i had NO avax-App at that ledger. So I (and the scammer) can NOT see this coins or its value)
The second transaction from above must the crime-transaction. How could thes find the coins or its value without the avax-app ?
Thanks for yout help
Here is a screenshot…

Unfortunately, if you’ve given anyone your 24 work phrase, they have full access to your tokens and wallet. Since they’ve taken them, only they have the capability to access the tokens as they’ve moved them to a wallet they own.

There is no situation, ever, where you should share your wallet seed phrase. That must be kept safely and securely at all times so that no other party knows it or has access to it. Sorry to hear about your loss.

ok, i understood, maybe you can answer me, how can the transport the AVA, when i have no AVAX-APP installed ? At the end, they can’t see the coins.
Am i right when i think they take a brandnew Ledger, put in my phrase (so they own my ledger)
an install ALL special-Coin-Apps to “see” them ?
Same question, other words. How do they know, wich coins are on that wallet ?
Last question, i have NO (crime)transaction-protocol in my ledger for the AVAX. (remember, at the moment, i have no AVAX-APP installed), is that the reason, that i do not see the (second) transport in ledger transport-protocol? Thank you so much for your help and time.
Best regards

When the scammer gets your 24 ledger phrase, they can just use that to start a wallet and move funds around. They could just load it into Metamask and toggle on all the chains and see all the funds without the Ledger, as they have the phrase, which is the important part.

You won’t see this activity under the Polygon network as it’s all occurring on the Avalanche network.

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