Lack of ecosystem updates and transparency

I publicly asked for ecosystem-wide updates and more transparency almost two months ago. Unfortunately, they have not been addressed yet. I’m looking forward to a community-wide discussion and increased transparency and communication from Ava Labs & Avalanche Foundation regarding the following topics:

  • Multiverse program: Where are we now? How much of the 4M $AVAX have been awarded/spent?
  • Avalanche Rush: What’s the progress with previous recipients like YAY Games? How much $AVAX has been awarded already?
  • What’s the current situation with the $200M Blizzard Fund?
  • Lack of transparency regarding the Avalanche Foundation, its members, and its funds/wallets
  • Will Enclave Market directly contribute to the broader Avalanche ecosystem? How does it help AVAX accrue value?
  • What is the total (financial) exposure to 3AC, Luna (LFG), and FTX?

Original tweet:

If those have already been discussed, please let me know in the comments with links to these discussions. Thanks!