Wen transparancy from foundation?

Hello, do we have any news about this topic?

It’s been 2 years and 5 months since the avalanche mainnet was released and we haven’t had any news on this very important subject. Having transparency like Ethereum Foundation is necessary for small and large investors.

Several important points come to mind for example:
-staff of the foundation + distribution of the team
-average salary per team or per role type
-Tranparency on the funds/wallets, to know the gains and/or losses of the foundation
-Number of nodes managed by the foundation
-What is the current status of the Blizzard fund?

I suspect it will take time to open this kind of information to the public but in my opinion it is becoming very important for the project.
I hope the team is already working on it and that it will be released soon.

(I’ve probably forgotten other important points, so don’t hesitate to suggest others in comment if you are interested.)


Do we have some prior thread / discussion on this? I think it’s important if what u say is true.