Is Validator Stake Safe and Validator Fee

I want to ask is the Validator’s AVAX always safe? I mean just in case our Server is hacked, Is our stake Safe and also the staker AVAX also safe?

Second, how to calculate validator fee? Means if I run a validator, and someone delegate to my validator 10,000 AVAX and my validator fee is 10%. How much I get from this delegator if the delegator delegate for 6 month.

For example if the reward for 6 month is 3%. Then 10,000 AVAX x 3% = 300 AVAX
And in this case I get 30 AVAX and the delegator get 270 AVAX.
Is this correct?

Thank you

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You AVAX never leaves your wallet.
Validators set their fee, form 2-100% and provide calculators that show estimates.

Thank you appreciate for your reply.