Avax x chain de aktarmı sorunu

Btcturk ten mexc borsanına avax aktardım x chain ağda sorun mu var

Can you post a transaction ID? Usually if there is a delay between exchanges, it is usually due to the exchange itself but with the transaction ID it would be helpful to see the chain status of that transaction.

Unspent outputs da

26 Nis 2023 Çar 14:22 tarihinde dub_rado via Avalanche Forum Join the Conversation <notifications@avax1.discoursemail.com> şunu yazdı:

Mexc avax xchain bakım da diyor?

If MexC is doing maintenance it could be on their end. However, can you paste (in text) the transaction ID here so I can trace it on the explorer?


26 Nis 2023 Çar 14:26 tarihinde Hakan Lazım <hakan5442k800m@gmail.com> şunu yazdı:

Mexc değil avax xchain bakım da dediler

It looks like the transaction was successful, so the funds should have arrived. At this point, the owner of that address (Mexc) should have access now.

Teşekkür ederim mexc e tekrar soracam

Yes, please show them the transaction ID as the network processed the transaction successfully.