Ava Labs & AWS team up to simplify the future of Web3: The rise of custom subnets with just a few clicks!

Whoop whoop :tada::tada:! The Ava Labs and AWS partnership is changing the game for web3 development! :fire: The deep integrations and automation on top of AWS are simplifying the process of getting applications to market, making it easier for developers to redefine the internet. :computer:

Huge banks and entertainment companies are already jumping on board with their own Web3 initiatives, according to Jeff Hasselman, SVP of Product at Ava Labs and the Global Head of Web3 at AWS. With the shift towards the adoption of blockchain technology, this collaboration is set to provide better solutions for digital identity, on-chain documentation and more. :rocket:

Ava Labs has shifted its focus from a single blockchain to a technology that enables customized blockchains, which they call subnets. With the support of AWS, the complexities of getting applications to market will be abstracted, allowing for the launch of custom subnets with just a few clicks. :boom:

And that’s not all, Ava Labs and AWS are also joining forces to create a dashboard that provides individuals and institutions with the answers they need to launch subnets with confidence. Exciting times ahead, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for web3! :rocket: What do you think? Share your thoughts below! :thought_balloon: #Web3Rising :earth_africa: