vs other cloud services (AWS, Alibaba Cloud)

Hey guys, finally reached the amount required to run a validator. I have never used a service like Allnodes before and wondering how it compares to the likes of AWS or Alibaba Cloud.

From what I can see on their website, the price for running a validator (they call it “Hosting”) starts from $20/month which sounds really cheap, and their webapp can connect to my Ledger.

Does anyone knows the pros and cons for hosting a validator using Allnodes vs others?

For Allnodes I’ll mention
pros: easy setup, reliable servers(minimal downtime), regular security updates, cost-effective
cons: limited configuration and customization, dependence on third-party
If you are interested in a more detailed information there is a great channel for validator discussions in the Avalanche discord server


Allnodes is super user-friendly since it’s made just for hosting nodes and validators, like Avalanche. At $20/month, it’s pretty affordable…

On the other hand, AWS and Alibaba Cloud are more general-purpose, so you might have to do a bit more setup yourself.

What i want to point out is that AWS is all-purpose service. Nobody is behind it that could potentially become greedy and knows exactly what type of services he/she provides to take advantage of.

Always be careful with your assets!
You know, there’s been some wild stuff in the crypto world lately, like what happened with TERRA LUNAR’s Don Kwon Do Kwon, Terra (LUNA) Founder, Arrested in Montenegro

So all im saying, just be mindfull of that and carefull where you put your assets.
I wouldn’t think of Jeff Bezos to run away with his AWS service because some people have X-amount of coins on it :smile: