About the Avalanche Icebreaker Program category

This forum category is dedicated to the Avalanche Foundation’s Icebreaker Program. You can learn more about this initiative here.

The Icebreaker Program an ambitious initiative to strengthen the Avalanche ecosystem’s growth and resilience by expanding AF’s on-chain activities. This program marks a significant milestone in AF’s journey toward promoting innovation, supporting emerging projects, and becoming a cornerstone of Avalanche’s growing entrepreneurial community.

The Icebreaker Program has four key objectives:

  1. Empowering New Projects: AF aims to assist new and emerging projects in overcoming initial barriers to market entry, providing them with greater support so they can more effectively demonstrate their value proposition and product-market fit.

  2. Enhancing Market Stability: AF intends to enhance the depth of certain markets on Avalanche protocols, thereby aiming to help establish a more stable and efficient ecosystem for all participants.

  3. Diversification: By helping to diversify the ecosystem, AF strives to secure vibrancy and highlight the many uses of Avalanche technology, reinforcing its commitment to the long-term success and prosperity of the Avalanche ecosystem.

  4. Active Ecosystem Engagement: The Icebreaker Program represents AF’s continued objective to actively contribute to the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem.

The Icebreaker Program: Phase One

The inaugural phase of the Icebreaker Program will include a focus on liquid staking tokens (LSTs). These types of assets represent a crucial sector of the Avalanche ecosystem, offering users and developers innovative ways to participate in the Avalanche community.

AF is delighted to announce that the first tranche of the program will involve a contribution of up to 500,000 AVAX, distributed among certain LSTfi projects. As we advance our outreach to entrepreneurs and more established projects in the Avalanche community, AF hopes to extend support to additional protocols.

Continuous Evaluation and Future Plans

AF is committed to continuously assessing the Icebreaker Program’s impact, ensuring its success and efficiency. This initiative will unfold in multiple phases, each designed to address different needs and opportunities within Avalanche. Future phases will likely include providing additional support to more ecosystem projects.

In response to the community’s feedback and needs, AF will announce further updates on the Icebreaker Program in due course. These updates will include details of how ecosystem projects can contact the Foundation for support.

In the meantime, AF plans to arrange one-to-one ecosystem calls across various verticals within the Avalanche community, with the goal of ensuring that it is accessible and responsive to the needs and objectives of the community participants. These preliminary sessions will serve as a platform for broader and continuous engagement, discussion, and collaboration in the future.

The Icebreaker Program is an active demonstration of AF’s commitment to supporting innovation, facilitating growth, and actively contributing to the Avalanche community. AF is proud to have launched this valuable program, eager to observe results, and will continue to share progress updates periodically.