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This forum category is for the Avalanche Community Grants Program, you can learn more here.

All applicants to Avalanche Foundation rounds will be required to post their application on the forum, where community members will be able to provide feedback and ask questions about the proposal.


When it will ended ?
question, Is it currently still open to submit projects?

The first round submissions will be live for 2 weeks and then there’ll be another 2 weeks for donations/voting. It’s currently open for submitting projects (grants.avax.network).

Good luck applicants :small_red_triangle:

I am super excited to have submitted AudioForge to the program!

Hi, blessings.

I have a question, I submitted to gitcoin on 11.Apr a first version of my proposal.
However I improved my proposal and I submitted an updated version today.

I’m sorry for this, but could you please keep the proposal I submitted today and delete the proposal I submitted on 11.Apr ? (the propsal of 11.Apr doesn’t have loge neither banner, the proposal of today has).

Or where should I do this request?