Wallet recovery phrase not working

Hi family,
So sorry i have to bother you with so (not) interesting topic, but i am so worried. Yesterday I created my first Avalanche wallet, being so careful writting down the secret phrase. I executed a couple of tx (first one to be sure the wallet is receiving the tokens from the exchange) and the second one with the main amount (so little, i have to work hard to save a single euro and i was so excited investing it in AVAX). Today i am not able to access the wallet with the same secret phrase, and ontop of that i have found out that the 2 tx are in different wallet addresses!
These the 2 addresses:
X-avax1tgn0f7ejmqgg9lqh7de4ps5x9wy8veuqqaaqve (TxId - 2XbciKMYrvBJXGu8Lp5DjJgpDiF2vkGiVnB7eKzXECVYJo8VaN)
X-avax14gcm3r6u2pvuegmgtmean50af9m88c9cmm8fhx (TxId - wozdhpd2DMZ2pkz14UQfqAzjSEv1qGHus2TQK8JcFoY14kjAW)
Please, could anyone help me… I would really appretiate it.
BR and Happy Christmas

Can you email support@avax.network please?

Thank you.