Via my Core account, how can I regain access to subnet tokens that I accidently sent to the C-Chain?

I’m really hoping someone can assist me in this forum. It’s been 3 weeks of dead ends in regards to support. Ledger has been quite helpful but only know so much about the workings of the Avalanche network.

The Issue

I recently bought a large bag of PLAYA3ULL GAMES tokens on MEXC and decided to transfer them across to my self-custody Ledger wallet.

After sending, I realised that I used their old Avalanche C-Chain in error instead of using their own Avalanche blockchain called “PLAYA3ULL GAMES Mainnet”. They used to use C-Chain which has not clearly been updated on some websites which punked me.

As mentioned above, the only support forthcoming was Ledger who advised me to…

  1. set up a Core account
  2. connect my Ledger to it and
  3. my PLAYA3ULL tokens should appear

Well that sort happened EXCEPT, my Core wallet only identifies the PLAYA3ULL tokens linked to my wallet address by showing the Balance however I can’t access my PLAYA3ULL tokens as I can for my other tokens in the wallet. In short, they are not in my Core wallet.

Can someone please provide the further steps I need to take to regain access to these tokens? The Transaction Hash when I moved the PLAYA3ULL tokens from my MEXC account to my wallet is here … 0x1a9d580bda64846742845432966ff6a9d0481016fb82cc74736cb0984944e0d6

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards



Hello, can you email and someone can help there?


Thanks dub_rado
I have sent off an email explaining what has happened.

On another note, fyi … I received a string of DMs after my post by a person posing as a axax moderator and my issue can be resolved with a live chat. The web page looked genuine and I discussed the issue with tech support in the chat. I was told my issue could be resolved by refreshing my ledger wallet and to do this I would need to connect manually with my seed phrase. I am not that experienced in crypto but know this does not sound right - so I left the conversation. Could you let others know about this? Hopefully it will save others from getting their wallets drained. (see screenshots)

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Can you share that fake/scam site URL so we can report it for takedown and any users who Dm’d you, if you can share a list of names.


No admin will DM you, that user is also not a mod/admin.

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