Shopify Merchants Rejoice: Avalanche NFT Integration Through Venly Shopify NFT Brings Exciting New Possibilities

Have you heard about the integration of Avalanche NFTs through Venly Shopify NFT?! This means you can now easily design, mint, and sell NFTs in just a few clicks :boom::boom:

Why settle for just selling physical products when you can now offer customers a unique and exciting digital experience with NFTs?! :star_struck::star_struck:

And the best part? The whole process is seamless and eco-friendly, powered by Avalanche’s near-instant and low-cost transactions :earth_africa::computer:

So what are you waiting for? Level up your digital store with Avalanche NFTs and join the Web3 revolution! :rocket::rocket:

Check it out now: NFT Minter (Avalanche) - Venly NFT Minter App - Design, Mint, Sell & Transfer... | Shopify App Store #Avalanche #Shopify #VenlyShopifyNFT #NFTs #Web3

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It is worth to mention the ease of steps for Shopify customers:

  • There’s no need for a pre-existing digital wallet to buy an Avalanche NFT with Shopify
  • After the purchase, buyers get an email with a link to a new wallet
  • NFTs can be sent to any other wallet, such as Core.