Shill your Avalanche projects

Avalanche :small_red_triangle: is growing day to day!

Please use this thread to tell everyone here what makes your project special and why people should join you! Let’s help out each other and push each others project socials :100: :small_red_triangle:

I will start!

A DeFi Powerhouse

**DegenX is a decentralized token that powers our unique ecosystem. Hold $DGNX & participate in the DAO & you’ll be part owner of the whole ecosystem! You can decide the future of the ecosystem!

Soon, DegenX will be introducing a liquidity backing functionality for $DGNX, to gain an intrinsic value with an ever-increasing price floor. This will be done through a custom contract that can collect various types of crypto assets, including stables, blue chips, LP tokens, and even microcaps.

When you burn your DGNX using the provided function, your share of the liquidity backing pool will be released and transferred to you in the output you request.

This will have no effect on the backing of other $DGNX owners in the future, instead it will grow faster for them as their percentage allocation of the maximum supply is now higher.

Liquidity backing pools will not only receive funds from buy and sell fees but also from other various sources delivered in future utilities.

Liquidity Backing opens up the possibility for arbitrage between market price and baseline value in the future.

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