The SparqNet testnet is live!

SparqNet TestNet is now live and ready for all Avalanche community members and enthusiasts to explore! This is a great opportunity for builders to test some of the App-chain templates that can be used to develop various Web3 applications. Our infrastructure allows for the easy and efficient creation of a wide range of blockchain networks, including automated blockchain creation. Here’s all you need to know:

:arrow_forward: Our SDK’s are simple to use, requiring only the installation of dependencies and running the script to create a local blockchain. With our SDK automation tool, you can deploy your own local TestNet that connects directly to MetaMask, and an explorer is coming soon!

:arrow_forward: SparqNet’s SDK toolchain boasts lightning-fast transaction speeds of up to 400k TPS, the fastest blockchain speed in the market. The internal bridging enables sub-second finality when subnets within the SparqNet network transfer data amongst themselves.

:arrow_forward: GameFi builders can now scale transactions and improve user experience using SparqNet’s power, creating new possibilities for builders and users.

:arrow_forward: SparqNet now empowers you to take advantage of various programming capabilities in C++, previously unseen in Solidity. These include memory usage and performance, syntax simplicity, security measures, and never-before-seen loop mappings in Web3 coding.

:arrow_forward: With the Loop Mapping tools in C++ now enabled, builders can access keys within a map, streamlining the coding process and simplifying the code.

:arrow_forward: Safe transactions are also possible with SparqNet. You can now call a contract function that automatically detects if a variable is being used within a transaction, copying only what is really accessed and saving the temporary value to the fixed value. If not, it will throw off the TMP value if the transaction has reverted, and this now happens automatically, committing and reverting only what is being used.

Are you ready to experience the power of SparqNet? Check out our GitHub page for the OrbiterSDK and start building today! Join the growing community of builders and enthusiasts using SparqNet to develop the future of Web3 applications.

Check it out now: