Recover USDC.e that was sent by mistake to the AVAX USDC address

How does one recover USDC.e that was sent by mistake to the AVAX USDC address?

Here’s the transaction:

We reached out to USDC’s company, Centre Support and they said the following:

Thank you for your email, we are sorry to hear about your loss of funds. We are not able to access any funds on Avalanche, including the USDC smart contract on Avalanche, and we do not have the ability to reverse or recall these transactions. Circle cannot issue new USDC for missent transactions. If you are able to contact someone at Avalanche they may be able to assist you. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Hello, it looks like a Support team member is already answering your question off the forum. We will let them continue the support.

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Hey there thanks for your response. I sent this message over a year ago multiple times and never got a response. Please respond here.

By sending tokens directly to the contract address of the token you will the funds.