Port Open Validator

I want to ask, after setting validator and run it. Should the port 9650 and 9651 open if I check with port open finder?

Port 9651 should be forwarded, 9650 should generally be closed.

Thank you for your respond. But this is my case
If I install the validator in Datacenter. Should the port 9651 forward? or just open?
And for 9650, How the RPC can look for the data if the port are close? By far I use the command from localhost (I ssh to the server and execute the command inside it) it can work, but if I use from my Laptop and I run the command node.info and change the IP to the validator IP it doesn’t work. Even I already open the port.

You can limit port 9650 if you need to make remote calls to it. Configs for the node are here. However, leaving 9650 fully open to anyone is not recommended. AvalancheGo Configs and Flags | Avalanche Dev Docs

I’m not sure how Datacenter works so best to check their docs.

Thank you, I will learn that (port 9651) again later. About the Port 9651, if the node is running should the port open?

9651 should be open otherwise it can’t communicate with other nodes.