Getting Fuji testnet AVAX

Hi all!
I’m developing an app and I’d really like to have some testnet AVAX on the hand to test things out properly. After reading the official Avalanche documentation about that topic, I tried to visit the suggested faucet page to get some AVAX, however I got redirected to Avalanche Testnet Faucet | Core where “Request 2 AVAX” button is always disabled (at least for past few weeks I’m visiting), no matter what I try (e.g. use different wallets, addresses, browsers, whatever else).

I have a few simple questions here:

  1. Is that a correct website to get testnet AVAX?
  2. If so, why can’t I request any AVAX at all?
  3. Is there an alternative website where one could get some testnet AVAX coins?

Thanks in advance!


The faucet is currently empty, if you can share an address we can get you a few to get started.


Thanks for answering! To be honest, I’d prefer a working faucet because I’ll need some helping hands with testing from few other people, it would be amazing if they could get few AVAX when needed. Can you maybe tell how comes that faucet is empty? Isn’t it fairly simple thing to mint some testnet coins and fill in the faucet? :slight_smile:
But in the end, any help is extremely appreciated, so if someone has some extra testnet AVAX, feel free to send it to 0xDEbfB86753C844a21ED9B649eee99B73E5f1224C.
Thanks a lot!

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Just sent, thank you.

The team is aware and working on solutions to prevent the faucet from being drained by bots. We appreciate your patience.


That is very kind of you, thank you so much! Hope to see faucet being available again soon, I believe a simple captcha would solve the bots problem pretty much, isn’t it so?

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