Funds in Holding Cell

Hi, I recently transferred some funds to Coinbase USDT using AVAX network, although the receiving address of Coinbase was accepted when sending from Binance . It never reached the destination and when i checked with Coinbase they said that they currently do not support this network. Now the funds are in some sort of a holding location and i am not sure how to get them back. I would have thought that as a normal transaction when a target is not accepting the money it will be returned back to the originator.
the transaction ID is 0x175bccefe84a1f673650487fd71991dc81f3d3eba33057c25c58a672488597be
I will really appreciate some help with this request and hopefully a positive outcome.

kind regards

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Hi @adi , as they stated, Coinbase does not support Avalanche USDT for deposit on their platform. At this time, the funds are stranded unless Coinbase assists in returning the USDT or chooses to support it for deposit on their platform. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist in this situation.