Fail to sync with Ledger+MetaMask after complex tx

Hi there, with Ledger+MetaMask I have some concerns about using complex smart contracts on Avalanche: almost each time I use the Defillama DEX agregator or Cian app (on Avalanche), I think my tx takes time to propagates because during approximately 1 hour, it’s just impossible to synchronize. MetaMask doesn’t succeed in connecting to RPC (even changing RPC twice…) and changing browser changes nothing. Sometimes, on 3 different browser, one is connected to Avalanche but my DeFi positions don’t appear. And after 1 hour, everything becomes normal again…
I had this answer from a guy in Defillama Discord (see image)

Did someone here had the same problem ? I also wonder if this is specific to MetaMask and/or Ledger; I tried to connect my Ledger with WalletConnect, but then it opened LedgerLive which proposed to link my ethereum account, not my Avalanche one - so I couldn’t finish my attempt… Note that the phenomenon doesn’t appear for usual transactions.
Thanks for help !

What browser are you using and does it change when using say Chrome vs another browser? Also, do you happen to be on a VPN?

I, happy to talk with someone else than a scammer :wink:
I don’t use a VPN and the problem happens with Brave, Chrome, and as well Avast browser. So I’m almost sure the problem is on-chain, probably when tx propagates ? Or maybe MetaMask can’t find the good nonce ?

I was told that it’s a rate limiting related as it seems to clear after an hour I was told, we’re going to try to ping someone on the team that may know the answer or can look into it more.

It would be great, thanks a lot ! :wink: