Got banned from ava discord

Hey, im a long time supporter of avax (bought off the initial coin offering). Also running an avax node since a long time ago. I regularly interact with the node support channel on discord to talk about problems with the node. had a question yesterday because the stats.avax site repeatetly sent me mails even though my node is saying its healthy. then someone contacted me and ik ik, no avax member contacts one directly but on discord ive had conversations that started in the public channel and lead to a private discussion that lead to the desired result. This time i again trusted a dude that told me i should “shoot him a dm”. did that and in a small chat sent him the stats site of my avax node bc he wanted to check the node. in hindsight i think it was a scammer, dno what kind of attack he wanted to do but whatever…

the main thing is now that i suddenly got banned of the avax discord server and i cant rejoin it! what did i do wrong i am doing my part in the decentralisation aspect and like to chat with the community.

btw i attached a screenshot of the conv with the supposed scammer ive had if someone cares

What is your Discord ID? We can get that fixed.
Just as a side note, we banned that scammer.

thank you very much for your support

my discord id: 368485242073513994

Should be all set now. Not sure how you got banned, didn’t see any activity that would warrant it, but you’re set now.

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ty very much!!

…didnt get it either

I have the same issue. Arrogant#1337

Send me a DM at dub_rado#6762 and I’ll take care of it.

Hey I got banned yesterday from avax discord. my discord id → nish2000#6047

Try it again and if you have issues send me a DM on Discord.

same issue and I am not able to find you on discord with dub_rado#6762 username.

I’ll send you a friend request then so you can easily see me. Also please make sure you have your Discord account phone verified. This helps the Discord and wick bots know that you are not a bot.

my account is phone verified. I accepted your friend request. :pray:

Update: all fixed. Enjoy the Discord.