Get Ready for the Ultimate Underground Hip-Hop Adventure: Avalanche Park x Ed Balloon Concert Series Launches!

OMG, is this real?! :exploding_head: The Avalanche Park x Ed Balloon Concert Series is finally launching?! :heart_eyes: Who else is ready to experience the ultimate underground hip-hop adventure?! :fire:

Can you even handle headliners like @Ed_Balloon, @jpegmafia, @clppng, and @WitchProphet?! :scream: And thatโ€™s just the start!

Will we see you at Wisdome LA on Feb 23?! :raised_hands: 'Cause this is gonna be one unforgettable night of 360-degree projections and sick beats! :musical_note:

And the best part? Youโ€™ll get an Avalanche Park NFT, unlocking exclusive experiences and chances to win rare kicks from @mynaswap & @Coolkicksla! :heart_eyes:

Are you ready for the ultimate Web3 music culture experience?! #AvalanchePark #EdBalloon #Web3MusicCulture


AWESOME - Here for it, we know a thing or two about hip-hop on Avalanche :bangbang::wink::fist::loud_sound::small_red_triangle::rocket:

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