Funds missing without transaction transfer out

I deposited some USDC funds from exchange(binance),
then I try to bridge the funds to optimism(OP),
so I use celer bridge to bridge my funds,
After approve USDC on celer bridge, the balance turn to zero.
Quickly check any transaction moving my funds out, no.
Revoke everything I approve.

Then I am here. Anyone can help me where to get my funds back?
Thanks in advance.

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Hello, you’d need to reach out to the Celer bridge team as that is not our bridge.

Hi everyone,
turns out that it was some phishing website that transfered my funds…
its a suspicious signature that i didnt notice. so case closed.

I appreciate everyone’s help.

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Sorry to hear that, wish you the best moving forward.

Thanks for the update. I hope it was just a small “education fee” and not a significant amount.

Sorry to hear that

Some tips:
1, Add the bridge site to the bookmarks and proceed only from there!
2, Scan contracts before interacting with them - De.Fi - DeFi Investing & Yield Farming Platform