Cross chain transfer P to X chain sent to some atomic memory address I don't recognize

Tried to import P to X through my ledger but transaction seems to go through but no documentation and no funds in my X chain.

Please advise

Hey, have you checked the transaction status?
Can you try and verify the status of your transactions by searching the hash on avalanche explorer r

Verify the destination addres… have you ensured that your ledger device is connected properly?
Are you using the latest version of the avalanche appliation on your ledger device?

From P to X-chain ensure that you have followed all the right steps. Double check if you selected the right chains (cross - chain) tab, “export” from p chain and “import” from x chain.

Also refresh, log out and back in to your wallet, clear your browser cache and check it, update me with your progress…

Thanks! I read elsewhere about the clearing of a browser cache and that worked!

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Glad it worked out and your welcome :hugs: