Withdraw from Binance to AVAX problem

Hello, I have sent from Binance account to my AVAX account to try it. Transaction seems to be successful, but there is no AVAX in my account. I can only upload 1 image cuz i’m new user. This is my binance transaction history, this transaction seems “Success” but i cant see any AVAX in my acc


I sent to Contract Chain address, is this wrong ?


From Binance, you have to use X chain address.

Binance normally refuses any address which doesn’t match the correct pattern.

Btw i see that you got around 0,5 Avax on this address => I guess you tried it again with X chain then cross chain X -> C, right ?


Yep thats true i tried with X chain address later. Then i cross chain X->C.

In the image (right one is Binance withdraw section, left one is my avax wallet C address) Binance says this address is fine. And I choose BSC transfer network because binance said “This address matches a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network address”

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Ah ok ! they add BSC for Avax in Binance Withdrawal.

=> You have around 0,2 AVAX to get back from BSC using your C chain address.
From what I just tested, It looks like you can uses your wallet avax seeds to connect on BSC and access you C chain address.
From there I guess you could send your avax back to Binance then Avalanche.