Withdraw AVAX from Binance to Metamask -

Dear all. I wanted to withdraw AVAX to my Metamask wallet from Binance. When I pasted my metamask adress to Binance withdraw screen, which I copied from Metamask Avalance mainnet C-chain page, Binance giving me an error that is “The address does not match the currently selected network, it is recommended that you switch to another network.” . So I could not realized the transaction. What could be the reason? thanks


Binance doesn’t support C chain.

You have to send your tokens from Binance to X chain => https://wallet.avax.network

You will have an address like X-Avax1…

Then, from Avalanche wallet, you will be able to cross chain your tokens from X to C and then send them to Metamask :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the info. I opened an AVAX wallet and could able to send $AVAX from binance to X chain. I cross chained half of that to C and sent to Metamask and the other half returned to Binance again via X chain. So far everything run perfect. However, in order to experience how it works, I made a trasaction again from Metamask to C chain adress half an hour ago and even thogh transaction confirmed and there is not a balance anymore at Metamask, the amount could not received to Avax C wallet yet. Is that normal ?

Transactions are mostly instant on Avalanche.

What are the C chain addresses you used? => you can send me the information in private message if you don’t want it to be public.


Thanks a lot. I checked now and the amount is transferred. But was strange that it took more time than I expected.

Hum it can’t be that long on Avalanche.

Are you sure it isn’t linked to Balance refresh in the wallet? =>

You sent the trx from metamask to wallet while you were still connected in it and you didn’t click refresh balance.

If you check your transation id, you will see the exact time it happened.