With Ledger Avax is showing up in the Avax Web Wallet, but not in metamask

1 - I’ve moved some avax to the C chain, and i was aexpecting to see it show up also when connecting my ledger to MetaMask. I’v read in another post on this forum that this is the way it is working for some other ledger owners.

I have correctly added the Avalanche netwrok to metamask.

2 - Furthermore, i am not able to sign transactions with my Ledger from the C chain as i get en error at the end of the process.I’ve read a thread about this on this forum and followed all that was written there, but with no success.

Can anyone help?

Thank you in advance!

You need to setup the avalanche network in metamask. You said you did that but it can’t hurt to double check:

And you need connect the ledger in metamask. Maybe you missed that step? If you did that your C-Chain address in https://wallet.avax.network/
and in metamask should be the same.

Yes, i have added avalanche to metamask.

I did connect my ledger to both the avalanche wallet and metamask, but here is where things are not matching.

The avalanche wallet shows for the C-Chain an address different from the one in metamask (this one looks like my ethereum address, even if i have the avalanche network selected). What am i doing wrong?


If the adresses are different you have logged into the wallet with a different private key.

You say you are using ledger.
Do you log into the avax wallet with leger?
For metamask you can connect the ledger. After that is done you have multiple wallet and you need to switch to your ledger wallet for it to have the same address. Press the round button and make sure you have connected your ledger and switched to your ledger account.