With assets on Avalanche freezable in the Apricot update, does that mean someone at AVA Labs will be able to freeze our AVAX tokens?

Trying to better understand what this form of governance means and how it benefits users?

Dude come on… Did you even bother to read the medium post?
“This new asset type enables asset creators and issuers to freeze and unfreeze assets on the platform. While we can’t envision every way people will deploy this functionality, there is a clear need for organizations with regulated use cases to ensure only approved users have access to assets. It will also be a key component of new assets coming soon to Avalanche.”

Its a new asset class, please dyor and stop asking people to spoon feed you.


@DarkGhosty. You are right - though i read the article several times it seemed too novel for me to fathom how it could be used as an asset class.

Will do my own research. Consider this thread solved.