Will binance ever support avax network?

Are there any talks for a collaboration between Binance and Avax ?

I mean I can see hundrads if not 1000s have lost money while transferring to binance just because they don’t support AVAX network.

In addition to a global issue is it a possibility for AVAX to collaborate with Binance to takecare of it’s users?

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A quick precision on this.

Binance supports Avalanche network but only 1 of the three chains ( => X chain ).

For the persons blocked, it would require them to also support the C one.



Right, I am still hoping to get an answer… lots of people have lost their funds due to lack of this very knowledge. Now what are the chances to coordinate with Binance?

I read in another thread that you mentioned you are thinking about raising a global ticket, I am curious how can one do this?

How can the community help you so Binance can feel the pressure and start looking into supporting C-Chain!!?

Thanks in advance!

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It is not at all necessary to use C chain if X chain works. X chain works perfectly. You should have tried sending 0.01 AVAX before sending anything to see if it worked.
I wish you a clear mind to get your money.

Why do you want to use the C chain?

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Ease of use no matter how much more expensive it is.

As a leader on the market I strongly believe that Binance is going to fully support AVAX in the upcoming months. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

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