Where to find out date of staking reward grants?


Where can I see when and how much staking rewards were given to me? I know how to see my total wallet balances and rewards received, but I don’t know how to view the reward dates/amounts so that i can track it for tax purposes.

Thank you.

You can check it on: https://wallet.avax.network/access , after log in You have an option check stake reward. There will be ending date and amount fo reward. Of course if U are already staking. Otherwise there is some reward calculator : https://avascan.info/staking/delegations => press calulate delegation reward

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Elroy: These are helpful to know about, but they do not enable you to find past reward dates and amounts. There is a section in the Avalanche Network Wallet called “Activity” that shows dates that delegations were made, and rewards pending for in process delegations. But they don’t show the rewards delivered for past delegations.

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SomeDude: How are you finding the rewards received?

I agree with you Jmerryhaus. I am not finding the dates of the actual staking reward distribution. I see the date I entered into and exited a staking period, but not the date rewards were granted.

Are rewards only granted at the end of the stake period?

Is the ending date when all rewards are granted? Nothing granted in between stake start and end date?

that’s correct. They are granted at end of delegation period. I just can’t find any information anywhere about the amount and date of the reward grants after they occur.

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