Where do you find the token address

Where do you find the token address for the avalanche network. So that token balances can be displayed on your metmask?


Here are the most used tokens on Pangolin :

PNG : 0x60781C2586D68229fde47564546784ab3fACA982
ETH : 0xf20d962a6c8f70c731bd838a3a388D7d48fA6e15
USDT : 0xde3A24028580884448a5397872046a019649b084
WBTC : 0x408D4cD0ADb7ceBd1F1A1C33A0Ba2098E1295bAB
LINK : 0xB3fe5374F67D7a22886A0eE082b2E2f9d2651651
UNI : 0xf39f9671906d8630812f9d9863bBEf5D523c84Ab
DAI : 0xbA7dEebBFC5fA1100Fb055a87773e1E99Cd3507a
YFI : 0x99519AcB025a0e0d44c3875A4BbF03af65933627
SUSHI : 0x39cf1BD5f15fb22eC3D9Ff86b0727aFc203427cc
AAVE : 0x8cE2Dee54bB9921a2AE0A63dBb2DF8eD88B91dD9

Here is the full list :


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