What's the easiest way to see my staking rewards?

After my staking period is over, I’m struggling to find the place in the wallet to see how much rewards I received for doing it.

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Currently, P chain isn’t indexed on explorer, so you won’t be able to track this when it is over.

However, when you begin the staking period, on the right part of the wallet ( Transactions pannel ), you will see " Add validator or Add delegator " with amount staked and the pending rewards ( exact number of rewards you will receive if your staking is succesful => node validation time > 60% )
Example with hidden numbers :slight_smile:


When the period is over, the rewards amount disappears and it’s mentioned as " received ".

If you didn’t check this value before the period is over, you can still take the amount indicated in " Add Validator / Add delegator " and compare it with current amount.

Otherwise, you can do a simple snapshot of your wallet amount before and after the staking period.

In vscout.io search for your node’s P-Chain address, and you should see a list of all rewards you have received, I believe.

Just tried pasting my p-address into there… coming up with no info!

With this method, from what I already noted, you only see the delegation rewards you get from delegators when you have a validator node :slight_smile:

But i am going to check this ^^

Yes, I think you are right: I see only delegation rewards there too.

(On the other hand… staking period hasn’t ended yet. So not sure if the stake reward comes in there too.)


Ok, actually, you can see it on vscout.io with your P-address in case of the funds are still on the P-address.
I checked for a node that just ended his validation period.

So, if you just ended a validation period, funds + rewards are sent back to P-address ( mentioned as beneficiary ) and you can see the different amounts.

As soon as you move the funds to X-Address or start a new staking period with them, you won’t have the information anymore.

Example for this validator that just ended his validation period and didn’t start a new one or move funds.

Information we all have when checking our node during the staking period :

Information linked to his beneficiary P-Address after the end of staking period :

When checking on my own address, that received several rewards from validation and delegation, i get a no info message because there isn’t any funds on this address anymore ( part is staked again, the other on X chain ) ^^

This is how it currently behaves because P-chain isn’t indexed at the moment, I guess ^^


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Any ideas when P will be indexed?