What brings you here?

Hi Avaxers,

In community spirit this post is about you, what interested you about crypto? Why did you choose this crypto project to get involved in and what are you future plans?

I have a strong interest in finance and love digital technology. So digital finance was the thing for me. My friend who I met in telegram told me to buy into it. I looked it up, I like what I saw, and said may as well. I see myself hopefully doing more things I love in the future, and maybe gaining a few more friends in the process.

Now it’s your turn guys! What brought you here, and where do you see yourselves in the future?

  1. Hard money, at scale.

  2. Innovating finance in ways we did not expect.


Going on @kevin’s response, innovating finance in ways that we did not expect that make the space more fair, accessible, and transparent than the current systems.

To me, the second part is what makes it so exciting. We’re certainly starting with a focus on improving finance, but some of the systems that we’re building could help significantly improve/re-imagine a handful of different industries in a better way.


Composability of transparent, decentralized code enforced by economic scarcity.
Ethereum offers that, Avalanche improves on it and seems like a good hedge.

  • It sounds like there are real technical barriers to other status-quo systems. The market forces might actually lay elsewhere, but there’s certainly a compelling argument… curious to see if the breakthrough will pan out.
  • I used to work on software for the traditional financial industry 10 years ago. It’s a field which I’m not totally unfamiliar with, but a lot to learn.
  • Interesting technology in “cryptocurrency” field I was previously unfamiliar with at any real depth. Already have learned a lot about what is going on (e.g., I previously had no idea about blocksize debates, different layers, etc.)
  • Been a long time since I did anything involving distributed systems and it’s fun to think about it again.

In college, I was really into security and the cypherpunk aesthetic, so crypto and I were a natural fit at the time. Now, I’m really excited about the possibility of truly decentralized applications. Replace legacy institutions with fully transparent alternatives.


Just before I joined Avalanche in May 2019, I was considering a shift back to my previous industry after 3 years working full time in crypto. When I first got involved with crypto and blockchain in general I did it because its ideology was well aligned with mine. It had the potential to be a real paradigm shift in finance inspiring freedom, equality, censorship resistance, immutability. After working 3 years in the industry having an inside backstage perspective I found out that we were in a rat race, this technology didn’t have the fundamentals to deliver on its promise the scalability was non-existent, the development of the fundamentals was extremely slow and it was going nowhere. Ethereum was stuck in a 4-year delay loop getting congested by crypto kitties, everything else that popped was basically a scam or just a combination of different tradeoffs(mostly sacrificing decentralization for performance), new lipstick on the good old pig no one was really innovating layer 1.

So all that really had me going and I was already looking into PM roles in any other industry, but crypto. After 4 stages of the interview (3 months), I was just invited to my final meeting with Bitfinex which I turned down respectfully because I was convinced I’m quitting this industry.

That’s when a good friend told me about the Avalanche paper which according to him was super promising, a breakthrough in consensus, a real shot at the scalability trilemma, etc. After analyzing a ton of whitepapers and projects in the past years who always seemed to offer breakthroughs, but never delivered I must confess I was extremely skeptical, but out of respect to my friend and the boredness of browsing job ads I decided to give it a go. The first thing that caught my eye was that it was actually something new, it wasn’t the good old customized clone of X (if you happened to have read XX crypto whitepapers and then read the Avalanche paper, you will perfectly understand what I mean.) It didn’t talk about the Sybil protection mechanism because it wouldn’t really matter in the context of reaching consensus in a completely different fashion that made so much sense. I’ve decided to go the extra mile and find out more about the authors I couldn’t find much, but that’s when I found all the presentations from Emin Gün Sirer which filled all the gaps in my understanding. I was convinced that Avalanche had the serious potential of being the missing piece in the fundamentals. It promised scalability without sacrifice in decentralization or security as well as a vertically scaled performance with a really interesting infrastructure model that would allow it to spread horizontally on demand.

I offered my service and joined the team, the rest is history. The first time I sent a transaction on the network with 1200 validators and it was finalized in less than a second is a moment I will never forget because it was the moment I realized I was right to give the industry another chance. What happens from here on after is beyond my imagination, what matters is the tech with the fundamentals is here capable to serve any demand, flexible enough to serve virtually any use. The rest is a matter of time.

Sorry for the long post here is a heart-shaped potato!mx4o9


I think Avalanche’s innovative features makes it a superior project. I developed an emotional attachment to it, and this one’s my baby. I anticipate it climbing the Cap ladder, so I’m playing the long game.

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LOL! I actually work with potatoes, and I’ve found many heart shaped potatoes! On a typical day I go through over 900 potatoes per day and yes, I cook chips!

Don’t apologize for the post. This is great, giving some insight on what made you give the crypto industry another chance. Being completely honest with you, 95% of all crypto projects are mostly either scams or pump and dumps.

AVAX for me did something quite different. It actually was in created 3/4 years before public sale. I’ve spoken to many in the industry, and generally those that go which opt to sell on pool groups, don’t have the backing beforehand. It just shows how AVAX raised 43m in less than 4 hours of sale, which is truly amazing!

I got involved as I was recommended by a friend to join. Didn’t think much of it, said to me you can make money on it. I read a bit about it, 80% of what I read made no sense at all. I was only in the crypto industry for about a 5 months really before TGE.

Since then I’ve staked the tokens. I hope to see where this evolves and hopefully stake tokens outside ALL NODES, but being truthful, ALL NODES does an amazing job, so I will remain here, at least till my free membership runs out, but even so, I would likely just increase this for another year or so until the ecosphere better develops.

I would like to hear what made you nearly quit the crypto industry and if you too cook chips for you job? I do this as a hobby but really love learning!

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I think for me personally. What I realized and hated was how the governments print money and devalue it over time.

Turkey is a prime example of this.

As the governments/politicians need money the print it to oblivion. I hated this concept. It’s like bankers, politicians, hedge funds, they all manipulate the market. The best way in modern times to make money is to basically look into the banks do and go in this direction. The trouble is if you do this on a large scale you would be a criminal whilst big corporate do not daily and if they loose money they just use tax payers money to to bail them out.

In March of this year, when the Coronavirus hit and everything went to shits. I understood banks would be printing money to another level. I believe everything can be manipulated, but when everything is in plain sight, nothing can and everything is exposed. This transparent nature of money makes me just love cryptocurrency. The fact there in most crypto’s there is a cap, makes me even more intrigued by it.

Some here have a problem or issue with Bitcoin and try to say how AVAX is so much better. I have another philosophy, Bitcoin paved the way and we’re now leading it.

I truly hope I can evolve my skills to contribute to Avalanche!

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I feel the same way. I have really developed an attachment to crypto in general. I love how things evolved. Obviously there are a ton of shitcoins to find the gems. Kind of reminds me of Cartman from South Park. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWEWCWljaBU



I’m just learning about the projects at the moment, but I think AVAX has a new consensus ‘avalanche’, which is fundamentally new, and probably the first of a new kind of crypto class. I’m in at the start of this, so I’m staying til the end.


I’m interesting in Lay 1 projects. I will write an article about AVAX project.


This is a really cool thread.

I’ve always been interested in I guess you’d call it weird tech - before I worked in the cryptocurrency space, I worked in robotics and AI. I had a lot of fun in that industry but while I was there I started learning more and more about cryptocurrency - first as a user, when local craigslist hackerspace types offered me discounts for paying in crypto, then more and more as a hobbyist and developer. Eventually I’d work on robots all day and learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency all evening and night. So, I decided to make the full time switch to development work! Now I work with robots as my hobby instead.

What attracted me to AVAX in particular was the tech and the team. A lot of the people on the team have been vocal leaders in the space for a good long while, and to see them all get together to work on this one project was really significant and exciting to me. Plus, after using and developing against a handful of different networks and protocols, I was really fascinated by the network-of-networks design AVAX uses.


Hi, I am a lifelong voluntaryist (ANCAP) libertarian, and because of that I was fortunate enough to stumble into Bitcoin in 2011, and then Ethereum in 2014. I put half my BTC into the pre-sale on day one. To say that has been life changing is a monumental understatement. I wasn’t lucky enough to learn about Avalanche in time to get in on that pre-sale, I first heard about it in Camilla Russo’s interview of Emin Gun Sirer on the Defiant podcast last May. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the Athereum “spoon”, since I still own a lot of ETH but as I have dug into the technical details of the Avalanche consensus mechanism, coupled with my previous knowledge of DAGs, I could see that this project is light years ahead. My frustration right now is accessing my ATH, since Trezor in not supported yet, but long term I intend to become a validator and watch this tech become dominant in the new era of decentralized money and finance. :v:


What brings me here? As a day 10 into this cryto world, I have lots to learn. Luckily the time has never been better to do that …learn! So I’m here looking to learn.
I’m not into crypto to make money I’m looking as we need to change to create a better society.
Can someone answer me a very basic question please ?
This is a forum for avax and what seems to be the crypto message is " building a better environment " so my question is , Why are there so many threads on this forum with no reply?
Is it, the answers are not known, or nobody cares ?
It scares me , I would hope this would be a place of safety, a home.

Thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face: excuse my naivety