WETH Transfer to AVAX on bridge not received on Avalanche Network ONLY airdrop

Help. I bridged WETH funds to my Avalanche Network but I only got the airdrop. All of my funds were sent to “Avalanche: Bridge” in the Etherscan.

Yes, I feel the same way and find the process very unfortunate from a communication point of view. Supposedly I have received an airdrop and should check whether I have entered the token. When I click on the link provided for this purpose, however, only the page Avalanche Bridge: Transfer Assets To and From Ethereum appears.
What I should do with this information now is unfortunately completely unclear.
So: Where should I enter a token and where do I get this information?


Did you receive the rest of your AVAX or just the AVAX drop?

It seems that I now have 0.1 AVAX in MetaMask when I am in the Avalanche Network. And I also see the WETH tokens there. But how it will become AVAX is unclear to me.

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Well, I suppose we are in the same boat then. I only have 0.1 AVAX in MetaMask, where the rest of it’s gone I’ll never know.

Do you still have liquidity in your WETH tokens? Because it took those too.

The Ethereum Main Net shows a wETH value of 0 now and in Avalanche Net is not even listed in MetaMask.

Okay I am now one step further. Take your MetaMask address and enter it here:

At the bottom of the page click on “Tokens” and you will see the WETH sent. Behind the ERC-20 there is an address - this seems to be the contract address. Copy this address to the clipboard.

In MetaMask you now switch to Avalanche Net and click on the add button at the bottom. In the next step you enter the copied address and continue. In the next step the wETH will be added to your MetaMask in Avalanche Net.

However, I don’t understand how I can now make AVAX out of it. This is annoying and destroys initial interest in the whole project quite quickly. Too bad.

awesome thanks. works. was a little worried there.

Ahh, I think I have it. So that’s what you have to do with Pangolin then. Pangolin

I was also in the same boat where I never had AVAX added to my avalanche wallet. I now have .053 wETH in metamask along with .2 AVAX. (I did two different transactions that seemingly never went through). Now what’s the next step? Do I have to transfer the wETH to AVAX through Pangolin? This is disheartening to say the least.

Yes. Also does anyone know how to exchange avalanche token to avalanche wallet?

I have this same issue, but cannot get enough AVAX C-Chain into the metamask wallet to pay the gas fees to get the WETH out!

Tried buying AVAX on coinbase and sending it to this address - never showed up. I presume because CB is on the BEP20 AVAX chain. So ok, I lost $40. Still trying to dig the WETH out of Metamask so that I can get it onto COIN98… I am on the long journey to providing liquidity for Avalanche Rush on Trader Joe or BenQi. Walk with me…which way we going again?

How to get AVAX on C-CHAIN into Metamask? How to get WETH from CChain to BEP20? Transaction 0xff8e4c73953fe37982ee2d91334ed32a7ec793b12c649dcbdaef25fbe9b3972b - Avalanche Explorer

Thank you kindly for your help!

Hi kindly go to bridge.avax.network and click the “swap” button to add AVAX Chain to Metamask.

There is no ‘swap’ button on the the page mentioned. Still not sure what to do…

How did you get this to work?