Wallet Concept with a Twist, simply UI and color switcher

I have done a small design for the wallet, which is still yet to be completed.

I wanted some thoughts on it. It comes with 2 unique never seen before crypto features. On-the-fly tokens/coin conversions and a color switcher. It would allow users to adjust the color preference of the wallet to their phone or their preferred choice.

The on the fly currency converter will be done by clicking and dragging one currency onto another and then it will simply prompt you on the amount you wish to convert.

To send funds from a currency the user will just click on the currency and send, long-click will state the amount in the wallet.

In other words:

  1. Click and drag onto another currency will convert one to another.
  2. Users can add currencies as well, so they can convert and unlimited amount of currencies. Similarly to Transfer-wise but way easier (I love transferwise by the way, so no disrespect to them)
  3. Long click on the currency will show the equivalent amount in their currency choice.

I have done a rough design, which is far from completed, here. I still have to do the different color schemes and create a checkered pattern as well as possibly enhance the UI a little.

In an ideal world I would like this to be picked up and developed or at least incorporate some of the features


Great! :smiley: Perhaps some staking view would be helpful?

Sure thing. I will get something developed within the week. Ideally I want to know what the community think @jayksofue @jpop @Ahnor_44

The whole concept is to simplify the entire experience.