Unavble to send AVAC to Avalanche Wallet C for crioss chain transfer to X

HI All- I have some AVAX on my Metamask under the Avlanche C chain mainnet. I understand that the Avalanche Wallet should be used to do the cross-chain transfer from C to X. I have an error from Metamask when I try to send AVAX to my “C” Avalanche address therefore not able to send the AVAX back to X (exchange).

Is this possible? any idea ?

Please assist ,


  • I have the same problem as you
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Basically in other words how to do the cross chain transfer back with the ultimate goal to convert it to fiat…

it worked by increasing the Gas …now Binance does not accept AVAX…


For a C chain, transfer you indeed need to put 470/21000 as gas to make it work.


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