Unable to access AVAX on Ledger Nano S or Live

new user error.
I bought AVAX on Coinbase and decided to move to the Ledger Nano S I have.
In Coinbase I set up the transaction to send to my device BEFORE loading the application.
I then had to delete a couple applications to load the AVAX application onto the Ledger Nano S.
The user guide at Use a Ledger Nano S or Nano X with Avalanche | Avalanche Docs shows an ability to access AVAX Wallet.
Where is this? I loaded the app in Ledger Live but it doesn’t do anything.
Did I loose my AVAX crypto?

Well done on using a ledger. Deleting an app and reinstalling should not be a problem as long as the ledger holds the same seed.

Try to log in to the avax wallet with your ledger:

I am not sure to which chain you sent it to from your message. But if you sent it to your ledger it should show up in the balance in the top and show you which chain they are on.

What to do next depends on what you want to do. Staking is best done from the avax web wallet.

If you want to use defi on the C-Chain you need to setup metamask:
How do I set up MetaMask on Avalanche? | Avalanche Support.

For defi you first need to setup metamask with a “throw away” seed (don’t use the ledger seed). Only after you have an ininial wallet you have the ability to connect your hardware wallet which you can then use. It will show as a second account.

Thank you! I didn’t have the wallet.avax.network site. Once I connected it worked just fine.
Thanks again and have a Happy New Year!

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