Transferred from X-Chain to C-Chain on your wallet, balance does not show on C Chain

I did a simple transfer from the X Chain to the C Chain and now my balance is not able to be transferred or sent out from the C chain. The balance does show in the wallet in the upper lefthand corner, but if I go to transfer the balance out of the C Chain it says there is no balance. I waited, logged out/logged in and the problem is still there.

It turns out there is no problem. There is slight confusion with the way the balance in the C chain is presented when you go to send money out of the C chain. Let me explain…A newbie like myself who is sending money from the X-chain, to the C-chain and then to an external wallet (like MetaMask) will do the following:

First he will transfer money from the X-Chain to the C-Chain, this process is clear and simple.

Then when he wants to send money out of the C-Chain HE MAY click on the C-Chain int he upper left hand corner first. He will then see his C-Chain updated balance like I have. Then he will click on the “Send” function (to the left) and here is where the confusion starts. When he clicks on the “Send” function the X-Chain balance is what he will get…even if the X-chain balance is 0 and even if it was not clicked on before hitting Send. He has to click on the C next to the RED X after hitting “Send.” This really should not be and this is where I got confused. I recommend that when the user clicks on “C-Chain” and then “Send” the C-Chain balance is what he should get or in other words, whatever Chain is activated/clicked on before hitting “Send” is the balance that should be shown. DEFAULTING TO THE X-CHAIN AFTER HITTING “SEND” IS WHAT IS CAUSING CONFUSION FOR NEWBIES.