Transferred AVAX balance from binance, transaction confirmed on explorer but not showing in wallet

Hello there!

I transferred AVAX balance from Binance, the transaction confirmed on explorer but is not showing in AVAX wallet or in activity or transactions on AVAX wallet. I copy pasted the X Chain address to receive the funds, which has now changed. Any suggestions? Is there any way to see my historical Derived Wallet Addresses?


Using a Ledger with connection issues, hence some confusion on wallets. All resolved.

Nice thing done by avax

I have exactly the same problem as you. I sent AVAX from Binance to avax wallet using AVAX, protocol. I followed the exact instruction. I have checked and it said the transaction was sent through. However, I did not see my AVAX inside my wallet.

What is the ledge connection issue that you talked about ? I hope to resolve it if you have found a way to do it.

I’ve appended the transaction ID, and I don’t know if it’s helpful here.