Transfered from Metamask BSC to Avax C-chain Token Avax

Hello people . I have transfered from metamask to Avax wallet . I have been waiting for it to arrive . But it still didnt it happenede apx 5 hours ago . And metamask says its a success . But i dont see it on my wallet . If anyone can help would be awesome . And transaction Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan link . I dont know what i have done wrong but i dont see my token .

Hi Drimger,

Greetings from Indonesia…

Drimger, is your Avax wallet addres correct?
Have you reported this? Could there be a problem with the network?

I hope your problem is resolved quickly…

Warm regards,

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Hi Aghoestar
I havent cause i have no idea how to report or how to resolve the issue . I have sent my currency to "This is your C-Chain address. Use it to interact with the ethereum virtual machine. " part where it says c-chain. It also says above my adress Derived EVM Wallet Address. And yeah the adress is corrrect . I have checked it 10 times with my own eyes and written it to see if its right . I dont know what i have done wrong