Transfer spore to avalanche through C but cant add spore token (transaction success)

Hi there ,

I recently transferred my spore to EVM wallet address however it doesn’t show although from my metamask it said transaction successfully transferred and now the C wallet address has change and no spore fund showing on my avalanche account.Please anyone could advise .


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In your wallet, click on add token ( below the asset part )

and mention the spore token contract " 0x6e7f5C0b9f4432716bDd0a77a3601291b9D9e985 "


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Hi Ponay.

Thank you so much for your reply ,I have added using the token contract you have mentioned! it stated ERC20 Token already added but I couldn’t see it still in my asset. Do you know what should I do next?

Nothing else normally.

Are you sure you are in the correct wallet?

What is the trx id of this spore transaction? => the address mentioned in the transaction is the same than the one in your wallet ? C chain address doesn’t change

Hi Ponay,

Sorry for my mistake,i am transferring using (Derived EVM Wallet Address) but it still doesnt show the token while it said it has been added.The amount doesnt reflect as well .

Now that the token contract is added.

If you go in SEND tab, switch chain to C and click on AVAX to change the token, don’t you see your amount of Spore token?


Hi Ponay,

No ,there were still no option for Spore even I have added them following your suggested procedure same as the send button.
Thanks again for helping me out ,are there anyway still I could retrieve back?

Before taking another way to find them out, could you, please, send me your trx id ( c chain explorer link ) of this Spore transaction?


TRX hash: 0x0dc792c0b82e68351e54416506225f5d5b24a453efea6d8f401ee6e142347624

From 0x8D4421C8FC1E874635D4a074F3F56b0183F8EC68 to

Thanks Ponay for your help

Ok, now I understand the situation.

On Avalanche, there is a communautary token named Spore but it doesn’t have any link with your token from Ethereum side.

There are fully different and not compatible.

What you own doesn’t have any relationship with Avalanche DEFI.

However, here is what you can do to get your tokens back.

On your computer, in another browser, install Metamask and import your Avalanche wallet ( 0xC6c125D7157671BFf1A6880512365e818E324944 ) 24-words seeds

On Ethereum Main Network, Add token, custom token and mention this Spore Ethereum contract => 0xa4bad5d040d4464ec5ce130987731f2f428c9307

You should see them. You only have to fill this account with some ETH to get them back to your first place :slight_smile:


It stated it wasnt a v3 wallet.What should i do in this case? or if there anyway I could get a private key instead of Json file

You need to use the seeds in a new metamask installation.

It is why i advised to do it in another browser to avoid issues / interfere with your main ethereum account.


Hi Ponay,

i have follow your instruction however my spore are still remain empty after transfer some eth in.however my public address in my meta are ending with 552f but the one i send out for are end in 944

You didn’t load the correct account in Metamask => You need the seeds of this one " 0xC6c125D7157671BFf1A6880512365e818E324944 " who own the spores