Transfer problem from USDC c-chain to coinbase erc-20 adress


Few days ago, I sent from my Metamask wallet some USDC I bought on Traderjoe site to my Coinbase account (not my wallet). They never arrived. It wasn’t USDC.e, it was USDC tokens. Coinbase told me I used a c-chain network to an Etherium blockchain network and they can’t send it back. Is there a method to recover them on my side ?



The only one who could do it is the party holding the private keys of that wallet address. I am not very familiar with coinbase, but it sounds like a custodial wallet where you don’t hold the keys, but they do. Correct?

In that case if they are not willing or able to help you are out of luck. Sorry.

Thank you for your answer. I think you are right, but I am still investigating. I hope I will find a solution… I’ll be right back. Thank you very much.

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I had the same problem so I guess that money is lost

I hope you are wrong but… we have to be lucid… :unamused:

I did the exact same thing like an idiot. It was late at night and I sent $2857 to my coinbase pro account. Right after it went through I realized I messed up since they were on different networks.
The fact that Coinbase is not willing to kick those funds back is mind blowing. Charge me a fee I don’t give a shit.
I’ve opened a ticket with them but have yet to hear back.


I am sorry for you… next time we will be more careful…