Transfer into Avax Wallet not received

Hi Avax’ers,
Very excited about the progress. I’m trying to move avax into my wallet. Bought some at coinex, sent a transfer from there to my avax wallet. Coinex says sent but nothing shows up. Here’s address I put in coinex the full “X-avax1qau9a708xls8k7salhj3ktymk8fwrut8cnu0cr” as the transfer address. Was a test transaction so no big deal, but would like to move the rest of the funds now. Anybody know what’s going on? Thanks -David

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It is a global issue, DEVs are aware about API slowness with crosschain and balance.
However, funds are safe and will displayed correctly as soon as everything will be back to normal.

I will come back on forum to inform you :slight_smile:

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And I’ve similar from binance. The send to wallet isn’t being processed. Avax explorer can find the txn and won’t respond to search request.

Transaction cleared through to wallet. Was able to send over two more trans and worked well so wallet’s funded. Now trying to setup rest of steps to move into metamask here:
Not seeing the cross chain option in the left panel of the wallet - you guys remove it until things settle down a bit? Thanks and hope you got some rest. - David

Wallet is in read only mode at the moment :slight_smile:

You will still have to wait a bit for Metamask part and C chain.

Ok, will wait for go ahead from you. Looks like wallet is back to full functional but I’ll (s)take it slow.


Wallet is up, C chain explorer also.

If wallet still appears like read-only, try to clean your browser cache or use another browser :slight_smile:

I just used it succesfully and also Pangolin :slight_smile:

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Worked thanks. Had to get the concept of the contract chain as a staging area, then understood the flow. Step 1 post to contract chain holding area, and then step two go from contract chain across chains into metamask. all good

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I’m having the same problem from CoinEx… been about 48 hours from the transfer.
Finding this thread is reassuring, just posting to update this is still an issue if others are searching.

Precision, the issue you encounter is linked to the exchange.

On Avalanche side, everything is correctly running :slight_smile:

Hi Avax’ers,

I have mistakenly transferred some $Avax tokens from Biamce to C-Chain Avalanche wallet address, instead of using X-Chain address, and now i dont see any balance in my wallet. Is there anyway I can recover my transferred funds? Binance showing the transfer is successful.